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Welcome to Critter Sitters

by: Lisa Martin, Owner/operator



The entire philosophy of Critter Sitters is founded on the hope and belief that people are responsible pet owners.  For that reason, it has always been my policy to only take pets that are spayed/neutered for any services that Critter Sitters provides.  In my experience, I've seen that there are just too many unwanted pets waiting for homes in shelters and rescues for people to be breeding their pets.  I believe in promoting spaying and neutering and to profit from people who do not have the same pet-ownership values, would be hypocritical.  I have made exceptions in the past for responsible breeders who show their dogs, but typically, those people do not require boarding services, as it’s easier to have someone come into their home and take care of their dogs.


I have owned Critter Sitters since it’s creation in 1995.  At that time, I did pet-sitting in my home and was able to take up to 10 clients at a time.  As a full-time accountant, I was not able to provide the time that I wanted for my own dogs, so I quit my job and decided to ‘play with dogs’ full time.  Critter Sitters was not founded for marketing reasons or with the intent to make a living in the pet industry.  The reason for Critter Sitters was so that I would be able to spend more time with my own pets as well as being able to take care of a lot of other people’s pets.  It’s for that reason that there are no other employees other than the occasional relief person while I am on vacation or away at a seminar.   Why would I pay someone else to do the things that I have dedicated my life to doing?


In September 1995, at the same time that Critter Sitters was founded,
Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue was formed.  Since then, I've found homes for over 700 lost or abandoned shelties.  I regularly help with finding other breeds a home as well.  In 1997, I organized Wisconsin Dog Rescue, a collaboration of dog rescues in the state of Wisconsin.  I was on the board of the Eastshore Humane Association for several years.  These experiences have given me a unique insight to what dogs need emotionally as well as physically while they are away from their normal environments.  Critter Sitters is the only boarding facility who has that kind of insight as a resource.

I'm certified in Canine CPR through the American Red Cross  I frequently attend area schools Career Days in order to get children excited about pet care and possible careers in the pet industry.

Critter Sitters is located on Martin’s country home property in a unique setting only ½ mile off of beautiful Lake Winnebago. A huge 2400 square foot indoor play arena, grooming shop and retail area was built on the property in 2007.  Critter Sitters is not the “Wal-Mart” of the pet world.  If you are looking for that unique, home environment experience for your dog, Critter Sitters is for you.


The Critter Sitter Advantage

At Critter Sitters, there are NEVER any additional hidden charges.  There are no play time fees, medication fees, or special needs fees.


** Reasonable Prices. 


** Flexible Hours. 


** Owner Operated. 


** Round-the-clock supervision. 


** Responsible pet ownership.


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