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Adding Another dog to Your Family?


Never buy a pet from a Pet Store OR from an ad in the paper.  Pet shop animals are either from pet mills, backyard breeders or other types of pet profiteers.  Good breeders don't breed a litter until they have a waiting list and they would never leave the decision of where their puppies go to a 16 year old store clerk.


Stop Puppy Mill Misery

No WI Puppy Mills | Stop Puppy Mills



A Quality Rescue:

  • Spays/neuters all pets before placement when medically possible

  • ensures all pets are healthy, UTD on shots, HW test/vetted

  • requires an application form and adoption contract

  • screens all applicants with a home visit before a pet is placed there, incl. foster/temporary basis

  • requires an adoption contract which requires the adopter to return the pet to their rescue if the adopter must relinquish it for any reason

  • prioritizes rescue animals from its own geographical area

  • requires a release form for owner-surrenders

  • understands the limits of its resources; doesn't accept more animals than it has legal authority or space/time to care for.

A Quality Shelter:

  • understands the purpose of rescue, i.e. to free up space so animals have more time to be adopted instead of euthanized

  • provides medical care and clean, healthy facilities

  • requires an adopter screening process

  • requires an adoption contract which requires the adopter to return the pet to their rescue if the adopter must relinquish it for any reason

  • places only spayed/neutered cats and dogs

  • has persons available to socialize/temperament test pets

  • provides humane euthanasia for pets too sick, too injured, or too aggressive to rehabilitate.

WI Sheltie Rescue



Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue is an all-volunteer group whose purpose is to educate the public about the Shetland Sheepdog breed.  We accept Shetland Sheepdogs that owners can no longer take care of.  Some of these dogs are abandoned or stray, and they come to us from all over the Midwest.  We provide complete vet care before placing dogs in loving, permanent homes where they can live out their lives in the comfort of secure surroundings.  

For more information go to www.wisheltierescue.com.

A note about Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders

If you have purchased a dog from a breeder who has more than two breeds, or advertises in the newspaper
or breeds mixed breeds, YOU HAVE SUPPORTED THE PUPPY MILL INDUSTRY that costs rescues and humane societies thousands of dollars each year.  Good breeders concentrate on being experts on ONE breed.  They do not breed mutts on purpose (no matter what fancy names they come up with for the mixtures) and
they do not have to advertise in the newspaper or with flyers hung all over town.

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