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Customers Say It Best...


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Thanks Lisa for making Sunny all pretty today! Thanks also for the good doggie advice you gave me....you were right, she finally ate tonight on her own. I think it was all just a big adjustment for her. We are glad we found you for grooming/boarding, you love what you do & it shows.

Thank you so much for taking care of Abby.  Knowing that she is with you makes it easier to go away.  It is well worth the drive up from Germantown.
Mark, Gayle and Abby

We'd like to Thank you for accepting Dunkin into Critter Sitters' care.  We appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions and getting to know Dunkin and his needs.  We thank you for your advice and knowledge.  It's nice knowing we will be leaving him in caring hands.  Thank you again for working with us.  Dunkin, Robin and Dave Huck

I'm writing this from Doggie Heaven.  I want to thank you for all you did for me during my visits.  The play yard, pools and hospitality were the best!  I will miss them and you.  Thanks for your part in my great life.
Love Erbe Evjen

Just wanted to let you know that we had to have Pogo put down in September.  She was unable to eat because of the mouth cancer.  We miss her so much, but we have a new pug puppy who keeps us busy.  Unfortunately, he won't need grooming.  We just wanted to thank you for always making Pogo look so pretty.  You always did such a good job.
Happy Holidays!
Chet and Linda

Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of our babies.....Sophie is all back to normal the first day, and Im sure you were right that she just worked herself into a stressed state.  (As I think back, the longest we had left her before was a long weekend, so this was new for her, and weve only had her 3 years.  Bailey well, Bailey is just Bailey......has already shredded the contents of all our wastebaskets and back to chasing Sophie around.   We always say its a good thing she is cute! 
You will certainly have our recommendation as a star pet boarder from here on.  Thank you again!!
Barb & Pat Miller

We would like to "Thank You" for accepting Dunkin into Critter Sitters' care.  We appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions and getting to know Dunkin and his needs.  We "Thank You" for your advice and knowledge.  It is nice knowing we will be leaving him in caring hands.  "Thank you" again for working with us.
Dunkin, Robin & Dave Huck


Just wanted to thank you for always keeping "Sheba" well groomed over the years.  Our beloved Sheba died peacefully on August 5th.  Her heart was failing and now she's in doggie heaven.  She gave us the best 13 years of our lives and we miss her dearly!  We would definitely recommend you for any grooming needs - you were wonderful..

Thanks again,

Paul, Cindy and Sheba in doggie heaven

Thank you for always being flexible.  We don't always give you much notice and you are always accommodating!  Red loves to come to "daycare" rather than sitting at home in his crate.
With great appreciation,
Doug, Lisa, Hailey and Red

Just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of my boys while we were away!!!! They were so tired when they got home but looked so happy and healthy.................thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you again very soon,
Sharon, Dibble and Tetley


I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Sage for the past week. I don't know what you did but she is seriously better behaved than ever! Brian and I were talking and we really think that she needs to start doing doggy daycare once a week or so. We wish we lived closer and could take her to you but we will still make the drive to your place for her boarding.

Thanks Again and have a great Labor Day!

You were right about Gretta being lonely when she got home!   I did what you suggested and closed her crate door and she perked up within an hour!  Thank you!
Debbie and Gretta

Hi - we're Nick and Sadie.  We love it when Mom and Dad take us to Critter Sitters!  It's like going to a really nice camp and getting to play and socialize with other campers!  We get to play inside and outside as much as we want, and when we don't want, we can snooze on the couches, just like at home!  When Mom and Dad pick us up, they can tell we are happy and had lots of fun.  I know Mom and Dad wouldn't trust us being cared for by just anyone - Lisa is the best!  So, Pet People, bring your furry friends here and let them hang out with us - you'll be glad you did!

Thanks for the wonderful job you do grooming "Sheba".  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2009.
Paul, Cindy & Sheba


Thank you for always taking such good care of us, especially when Mom does dumb things and gets us locked in the car!
Annie and Murphy

Thank you so much for a great holiday weekend for our dogs.  It is so reassuring for us to know they are well cared for.  See you soon!
Kevin, Deb, Jess & Jason, Sidney & Gus-gus too!


Thanks for taking good care of us, you make getting our nails clipped as easy as eating treats!  We don't even know we've been "beautified" and it was so fast and easy.  Before we came to you it was a Big Fight between us and Mom.  We love coming to see you--Thanks Critter Sitters!!

Cheyenne and Apache
Dawn and Lance

I just checked out your new website.  It's great!  All of the dogs look as happy as Jackson is when he stays with you.  It's a wonderful feeling to know that when we need to leave town Jackson gets the same loving care that we provide for him.  The best part is when we return he's so tired from playing with his 'friends' that he sleeps for a whole day.  Giving us much needed time to catch up from being out of town.  Thank you for providing a loving, safe and FUN place for Jackson to stay at.   
Connie & Dan

Thank you for providing a place that feels like home and where Crockett is happy.  We love that you let them play all day, provide toys for fun and swimming pools in the summer and that you love on the dogs as if hey were your own.  Those are the important things to us and Crockett.  Critter Sitters is great!

Casey and Kathy


Charlie & Bella always have such a good time when we leave them with you.  When we pick them up they are so exhausted from all the play time they get.  It is very comforting to know that when they can't come with us on a trip that there is a place for them to go where they can be active. It is nice to know that they will not sit in a kennel all weekend. We are so happy to have found such a great facility at such a reasonable rate.  Thank you for treating our pups as if they were part of your family. 
See you soon.
Jessica & Chris


Thanks for caring for Taz with love!
Pat and Pat

Thanks for being so good to Charlie.  His moose is on the tree along with his hair ornament.  He just loves the peanut butter bones you gave him for Christmas. 
With love and good wishes,
Shirley, Bob and Charlie


Thank you for providing such a wonderful facility.  My toddlers love your place - home away from home! 

Kurt, Theresa and the 'Toddlers', Barley and Mocha

Thank you for providing such great care for our pets.
Scott, Paula, Denali and Duncan

Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Thank you for always taking such good care of Otter pup and having such a big heart from the fuzzy and four-legged.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Otter and family

Thank you for being so wonderful during the weekend when Priscilla needed extra care.  You went way out of your way to care for our cantankerous dog, even though you had every right to say FORGET IT! DEALS OFF!  Thank you also for taking Priscilla to our vet and offering to pick her up!  You are a wonderful special person with an enormous heart.  It's nice to know your in it for the dogs.  Please accept this donation for the Sheltie Rescue.
Thanks again
Christine, Huntz & Priscilla

Thank you for taking such good care of me when my masters are gone.  I always have such a good time playing around.  Here are some treats for you.
Happy Holidays,